Engagement Season!

Happy Holidays!

It is snowing in Parkdale and the Red Barn Park is covered in a blanket of white! It really makes the red barns stand out so beautifully!

As the snow falls and the holidays approach, I am reminded of the magic of the season. Cozy nights by the fire, skiing by moonlight, and if your timing is just right… perhaps a Christmas Engagement!

If you are one of the lucky newly engaged, congratulations! Soak up the excitement for a few days and then get busy! If you are planning a wedding for summer 2017, there is not much time to plan. I know, that sounds a bit hasty, but it’s true. Venues, caterers and other key vendors book super-fast, especially in the Gorge. So, bask in the glory of your new status, then get hustling!

First Steps to Get Planning!

Decide on a few basics. How many guests do you want to invite? Of these, how many are likely to attend? How casual or formal do you want your wedding to be? What is your preferred style? Rustic, glamorous, farm, urban? Local or destination?

Investigate venues. Once you’ve got a basic picture of your wedding determined, start narrowing in on venue location. Pick your top choices and take a tour of each venue. You really need to see the place before you book. You can find out so much information from the owner and you get a true vibe for the venue.

Next up, book your caterer. Food is big! It doesn’t have to be fancy. But it has to be good! Make sure you check out references. Taste the food if you can. And ask lots of questions. What services to they provide? What is included in the per person price? Check out our listing of local catering options. Great food, super convenient!

All the little details. Okay, so now you have the big ticket items settled. Take a moment to breathe and remember why you are doing all this! LOVE! Now you get to have fun planning all the little details that really make your wedding unique and special.

Click here to download this handy planning tool.

More Snow Photos… view looking south towards Mt Hood.

Mt Hood Popping through the clouds
Picnic benches coated in snow!