The Lure of the Gorge Wedding!

Why a wedding in the Gorge?

Why are weddings so popular in the Hood River area and the Gorge? Those of us who live here sure know why! There is something unique about the Gorge. Sure, its beautiful and scenic. Close to Portland and full of cool stuff to do. But what else makes is to great for weddings? I believe it is because of the beautiful venues that truly cater to you. We love sharing the gorge and offering up an experience that you and your guests will treasure for ever.

In many cases the bride and groom have visited Hood River and come to love it. They want to share their discovery with friends and family. Luckily there are so many fun things to do here that everyone will find something they want to do. Biking, hiking, skiing, exploring, wine tasting, cider tasting, fruit picking… on and on.

If you are looking for a destination wedding full of fun activities, welcome to Hood River and the Gorge!