Smooth Planning

Simple tips to make your event day smooth as silk

I often get asked: “what is the typical way to do ….?” I am happy to say that there is no longer a typical way. Thankfully, we have moved away from the scripted wedding to a more individualized wedding style. This opens the door to creating a wedding that is a unique expression of you. You can write your own wedding vows, adding humor and personal stories to your ceremony. You can do your first dance as soon as you enter the reception. You can do a receiving line or not. You can have an odd number of wedding attendants. You can seat your guests in any fun arrangement you choose! The list goes on and on. The options are endless and you just can’t go wrong today.

After coordinating weddings for the last 10 years and observing many events at The Red Barn, I have put together just a few “things to consider” to help you in your planning process.

If you plan to assign seating for your guests, please be sure to alphabetize your guest’s names. It is much easier to find your name this way rather than laying out the names by table. Also, remember that the gorge is WINDY! Keep your table assignment décor simple and wind friendly!

Same goes for flowers. I have seen so many beautifully designed table arrangements fall over and spill water all over the dinner tables. Please keep in mind the windy conditions of the gorge when you design your centerpieces. Keep them low and with a wide sturdy base. Heavily weigh down or securely fasten all décor that will be outside. Be sure to discuss this with your florist if they are not familiar accustomed with the Gorge.

Cutting and arranging flowers with your bridal party is a great way to share a special time and to save money. However, be sure you have allowed ample time to do the arranging. It often takes a lot more time than you anticipate and on the day before your wedding you will have many other things to do. Consider appointing a person to manage this important job for you. This “manager” can make sure the finished flowers get from point A to point B as well as pass instructions on to the coordinator.

To help your coordinator or design team, do a mock-up of your tables or designs and take photos. Attach those photos to the top of the bin containing all the items that will be used for that particular layout.