Guest Book

Get creative with capturing guest’s comments

The days of the standard “guestbook” have passed and made way for many new and creative ways to capture your guest’s comments. Really, the options are endless here. A quick Pinterest search yields clever results such as a rustic piece of wood to be signed by guests, notes placed into a time capsule. Jenga pieces, framed art to be written onto, Polaroid photos taken of guests and placed into a photo album with notes. So many fun and creative ways to go.

I like the way it allows you to tap into your personal style. Are you avid cyclists? Well, then find a cool image of a bike, add your names, wedding date, and then have your guests write their names on the spokes. Frame it and you have instant personalized and super emotional art.

The other fun aspect is how you can really set the tone for your wedding right at the entrance. The guest book and gift table are often the first things your guest see when they enter the wedding venue. By incorporating your theme into the guest book table or guest book itself, you convey to your guest the theme of the whole event. They are welcomed with a strong visual or creative element.

Another fun spin on the traditional guest book is to purchase a work of art that guest can sign. I have seen couples buy a local artist’s painting or print and then mat it so guest can sign around the art. The cool thing about getting married in Parkdale or Hood River is that there are so many great local artists who have paintings of your venue’s view.  You can choose the painting that matches the view from your wedding venue so it is truly special. It’s fun, colorful, unique and will become something you can look at every day.

Need ideas, check this out.

Check it out!

Share your ideas with us… have you seen a really cool guest book? Do you have something that you would like to try but are not sure how to pull it off? We can help!

*Photo credit: Sara Gray Photography.

This couple used a mailbox to collect notes written by guests! Very fun~!