Fall Weddings

Fall weddings serve up a harvest of warmth

Many might think the cooler weather of fall marks the end of the wedding season, but it need not.  As long as you develop a well thought out plan, you can certainly take advantage of the shoulder season for your wedding. In fact, I believe there are many advantages to hosting a fall wedding. Many event venues offer a shoulder season discount. Who couldn’t save a little? Plus, here in Parkdale, fall is about the pear and apple harvest. Break away from the bright and light summer colors and instead build your event around the richer harvest theme.

If you’re liking this idea, here are some ideas to consider in order to make your cool fall wedding as warm as a hot toddy!

Make sure you have a sheltered area where your guests can take cover in case of rain.

Rent a tent if your venue does not have a shelter.

Rent space heaters to sprinkle around the main gathering spots. They make an amazing difference in the warmth and comfort of your guests.

Place a few fire pits around the bar and dance area. S’mores add to the fun!

Place a few baskets of cozy blankets for your guests to bundle up in.

Serve hot beverages from the bar such as spiked hot cider, white mocha, peppermint patty, hot toddy, or mulled wine.

So, this fall, as the nights begin to get crisp, wrap yourself around a hot cup of (spiked?) cider and dream about the possibilities of a cozy autumn wedding.